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TROIKA has started a petition to gain approval for the application of bacteriophages in medical research to help patients with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Doctors today can’t do anything when a patient is infected with multi-resistant bacteria. However, there seems to be a promising, organic, and safe alternative that is used for years in a.o. Russia: bacteriophages. With this petition we request permission from the government to make phages available in the Netherlands too!

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Medical Ambassador Ard Struijs

Dr. Ard Struijs,MD PhD, Specialist in Intensive Care and Internal Medicine.

For over 15 years I’m working on different Intensive Care Units in the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam. In these years I’ve observed an exponential increase of patients infected with multi drug resistant micro-organisms (MDRMO). When I was medical director of Multiquest, a venture capitalist with ‘hands on’ investments, I met a guy who was doing business with bacteriophages to disinfect food. I became interested as a Medical Doctor.

This led to a quest for the ‘Holy Grail’ in treating patients with multi-resistant micro-organisms. That’s why I became an ambassador for Troika Foundation. The foundation is working on the growing problem of MDRMO in a new and innovating way, and seeks to revive the old treatment of infection with bacteriophages. Their first step is disinfecting medical surroundings in which they now have a proof of concept.

This could lead to a reduction of wound infections, which are a serious problem in surgical interventions. They are working on a robot which could Search, Identify and Destroy all kind of bacteria, even if they are multi-resistant. This opens opportunities for the future to use bacteriophages as antibiotics. As an intensivist I am very worried about a future in which infections are no longer treatable by antibiotics. The EHEC outbreak that led to (near) fatal consequences for patients and was detrimental to the bean sprouts and cucumber business is a fearful example. I think we should be prepared and have answers for such outbreaks. Troika Foundation is doing a great job in creating awareness in the public sphere and contributes to practical, applicable solutions for this growing and life threatening situation in which simple infections are becoming lethal again.

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Project we contributed to: SID

As TROIKA Foundation we believe that a significant contribution to the overall solution for the problem of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms would encompass accurate and rapid identification followed by apt and targeted elimination. Our SID innovation is developed to do just that. It sees, identifies and destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the use of a natural method: bacteriophages.
The SID innovation combines bacteriophages with two other components for detection and identification, forming an interconnected system of ready technological subsystems.